BlackOps Data Breaker

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Item Price Enc Rarity
BlackOps Data Breaker ®1000 1 6

Data breakers are common tools used by slicers to force their way into secure systems. Essentially a data battering ram, they are unsubtle tools used for expedience instead of finesse and stealth. Many are also data harvesting devices, recording everything encountered in a system while the slicer roots around for nuggets of information. Most organic Slicers carry one or two of these devices, but droid Slicer Player Characters can have them installed in their internal computer systems as well. Data breakers add 2x boost to any Computers check made to slice computers, but they also add boost to any attempts to locate use of a data breaker in a computer system due to the “noise” these devices make. Data breakers are highly illegal, and possession or use of one can land a Rebel operative in a maximum security Imperial prison for a very long stay.

Models Include: Numerous variants.

BlackOps Data Breaker

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