Breath Mask

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Breath Mask / Respirator 25 1 1

Designed to allow sentient beings to breathe in atmospheres that are typically dangerous to them, respirators and breath masks are some of the most common pieces of survival gear in existence. Every starship and military vehicle carries a breath mask for each crew member. Many survival kits include simple respirator plugs and face masks that can filter toxins and airborne pathogens. Some are even designed to be used underwater, using a synthetic gill technology to allow air-breathing sentients to breathe water, or otherwise carry their required atmospheric gases with them into the deeps. Most are bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long periods, although those built to allow for longterm survival in hostile atmospheres are made to be as comfortable as possible.

Models Include: Gandorthral Atmospherics Roamer-6.

Breath Mask

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