Crash Survival Kit

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Crash Survival Kit 300 5 2

Popular among pilots and vehicle crews, crash survival kits are a necessary precaution for those who regularly travel through inhospitable areas. Small ships such as starfighters, gunboats, small freighters, and even escape pods will have one survival kit for each crew member, while ships with larger crews have kits designed to meet the emergency survival needs of a set number of individuals. Most survival kits include a thermal cloak, a multi-tool or survival knife, a distress beacon, two emergency comlinks, a spool of wire, ration bars, a basic medpac, two respirators, a water jug with filter, a glow rod, fifty meters of high-tensile microfiber line, ten ration packs, and an emergency flare gun. Military pilots, smugglers, and bounty hunters often include a small-frame blaster pistol as well.

Models Include: Pretormin Environmental Crash Survival Kit.

Crash Survival Kit

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