Cyber Arms

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Cybernetic Arms (Mod V and VI) 10000 6

Cybernetic arms are designed to increase a being’s strength or agility, depending on the model, and are built by companies such as BioTech for nearly every sentient species in the galaxy. While intended as simple replacements for lost limbs, many are sold to individuals who wish to increase their abilities by grafting technology directly to their bodies, rather than simply using it.

Mod V cyberarms provide +1 Brawn, while Mod VI cyberarms provide +1 Agility. If a character replaces both arms with cybernetic enhancements, both arms must be the same model, as they are designed to work in tandem. Modifiers from both arms do not stack.

Models Include: BioTech Industries Cyberarm Mod V and Mod VI.

Cyber Arms

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