Cyber Legs

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Cybernetic Legs (Mod II and III) 10000 6

Loss of a leg can permanently sideline an individual, and it is especially hard on those who make their livings in physical fields such as the military or law enforcement. To assist those who have lost legs to accident or disease, many companies produce replacement cyberlegs. Unlike cyberarms, cyberlegs must be purchased and installed in pairs. Most are simple replacements tailored to the user’s height, weight, and strength, but other, more advanced models can increase strength and agility just as cyberarms can.

Mod II cyberlegs provide +1 Brawn, and Mod III cyberlegs provide +1 Agility. Both legs must be replaced to gain these benefits.

Models Include: BioTech Industries Cyberleg Mod II and Mod III.

Cyber Legs

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