Cyber Weapon

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Cybernetic Weapon Implant 4000 7

Popular among bounty hunters, assassins, and clandestine operatives, cybernetic weapon implants guarantee that no matter the situation, an individual is never without a personal protection weapon. Obviously mechanical, the artificial forearm houses a small blaster which can spring forth from a hidden compartment and deliver a hail of blaster fire before most foes are aware they are in danger.

A basic cybernetic weapon arm appears to be a regular cybernetic arm but features a retractable light blaster pistol that can be deployed as an incidental. The blaster is attached to the arm and cannot be removed, dropped, or disarmed.

Models Include: BlasTech Cybernetic Weapon Enhancement Mod VII, Athakam MedTech Synthlimb Blaster.

Cyber Weapon

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