Electronic Lock Breaker

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Electronic Lock Breaker ®1000 1 5

Much of the information and materiel so desperately needed by the Alliance is kept behind securely locked doors, much to their chagrin. Electronic lock breakers go a long way in assisting the Rebels with their logistics and acquisitions in their struggle against the Empire. Most locking mechanisms in the galaxy, even those on the benighted and backwater worlds of the Outer Rim, use complex electronic systems rather than simple mechanical systems. Electronic lock breakers are small, powerful, limited-use slicing rigs designed to cut through the most common types of computerized locks. As with most equipment, there are a variety of models: from low-tech versions used to override simple civilian house and vehicle locks to heavily modified, military-grade lock slicers that can grant a user access to the bridge of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer as if the user had the actual keys themselves.

Models Include: Locris Syndicated Securities “Skeleton Key” Locksmith’s Tool.

Electronic Lock Breaker

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