Emergency Repair Patch

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Emergency Repair Patch 25 0 1


Used to perform temporary emergency repairs to keep machinery running until proper repairs can be done, nearly every mechanic in the galaxy keeps one or two of these handy patches on hand. Composed of a semi-flexible durasteel disk coated on one side with insulation and edged with auto-activating thermal welds, emergency repair patches come in a variety of sizes. From small enough to cover a blaster bolt hole, to meter-long sheets used to patch holes in starship hulls, emergency repair patches are as varied as they are versatile. They are designed to be quickly applied over a hole or tear in a ship’s hull, droid’s chassis, or machine’s casing, keeping the vulnerable interior works of the machine safe and shoring up structural integrity.

Emergency repair patches are one-use items that can be utilized to gain the normal bonus for having the right tools for a job at hand. Likewise, droids can use them to heal wounds similar to the way an organic being employs a stimpack. Using an emergency repair patch requires a character to spend a maneuver. When applied to droids, emergency repair patches heal 3 wounds, and up to five can be used in a single day. Using a sixth emergency repair patch has no effect, as by that point the droid is so patched and jury-rigged together that further patches would be useless. It takes one day for a droid’s self-repair routines, or some actual repairs, to restore its body to enough functionality to be able to take any benefit from emergency repair patches. See page 233 for more information.

Models Include: SoroSuub Pocket Tech.

Emergency Repair Patch

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