Field Ration Packs

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Field Ration Packs 5 0 0

Ration packs are issued to Imperial Army soldiers and stormtroopers and carried by Rebel field operatives. The rations are typically bland, flavorless affairs comprising a calorie-dense meal packed with necessary nutrients and vitamins in a small, easily portable bag or box. They employ a built-in chemical heater, and generally consist of a main entree, sides, and a dessert. Also included are disposable eating utensils and small, single-serving packets of spices and condiments. Each ration pack is good for one meal. Produced in a dizzying array of styles, the variety of rations available are suited to the metabolisms of most species in the galaxy.

Models Include: Adventure Hiker and Hunter Trail Rations, Chiewab Nutrition ReadiMeal.

Field Ration Packs

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