Fusion Cutter

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Fusion Cutter 175 2 2

If used as a weapon:

Skill Dam Crit Range Special
Melee 5 3 Engaged Breach 1, Burn 3, Sunder, Vicious 3

These handheld, portable cutting torches are found throughout the galaxy in numerous industrial, technical, and even artistic operations. They use small, high-powered fusion batteries to produce intense plasma or laser beams used to weld metals together and to cut them apart, depending on the needs of the user. Their beams can easily cut through durasteel, duraplast, and even armored ship hulls with ease. Field mechanics often carry them into battle for emergency repairs of vehicles, droids, and other equipment. Fusion cutters can be adjusted to produce a fine, precise beam for welds or a broad, powerful beam good for brazing and cutting. Engineering and mechanic droids can have a fusion cutter directly installed in their chassis so that they always have one at hand, and they are especially common on astromech droids. In a pinch, a fusion cutter can be used as a close-quarters weapon, and can cause some incredibly frightful wounds. If used as a weapon, a fusion cutter has a range of engaged, deals 5 damage, has a critical rating of 3, and possesses the Breach 1, Burn 3, Sunder, and Vicious 3 weapon qualities.

Models Include: SoroSuub F-1 87.

Fusion Cutter

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