Immune Implant

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Immune Implant 5000 6

Given the wide variety of life forms and the frequency with which many travel the galaxy, it’s little wonder that the spread and containment of disease is of major concern to medical professionals and travelers alike. Most beings have to rely on treatment or some form of local resistance medication, but these can vary from world to world. Immune implants solve such problems with simplicity and efficiency through use of a subdermal, wide-spectrum defense drug cocktail designed to protect against almost every disease known. The Mod I implant is the most commonly used version, combining broad effectiveness and long-term results in a single package that rests just below the skin. Possessing an immune implant grants the wearer +1 Resilience.

Models Include: Athakam MedTech Immune Implant.

Immune Implant

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