Military Field Manual

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Military Field Manual 25 1 4

Field manuals are print or digital publications, issued to Imperial troopers and Rebel agents alike that focus on a variety of important topics. From comprehensive manuals issued to members of the Imperial Navy to the underground publications used to instruct Rebels in guerrilla combat, held manuals can be found wherever troopers are common. Those used by the Empire are written by instructors at the Anaxes War College and other important military thinkers in the Empire’s employ, while those used by the Alliance are either stolen from Imperial forces or written by experienced Rebels. Depending on the manual, once per scene a character may use the information found within to gain boost to any task at the Game Master’s discretion.

Models Include: Imperial Army Field Manual FM-5-31 (Booby Traps), General Airen Cracken’s Rebel Handbook.

Military Field Manual

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