Personal Stealth Field

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Personal Stealth Field ®20000 1 9

The ultimate in personal stealth technology, personal stealth fields are rare and expensive, and well worth the price. Relics of the ancient past, these tools use a number of optical and light-bending technologies to render the wearer completely invisible to the naked eye. The major flaw with personal stealth fields is that they are incredibly unstable, and are prone to malfunctions (such as complete field collapse at a moment’s notice). Those lucky enough to own one consider the ability to move undetected through even the most crowded, well-lit space well worth the price of the occasional malfunction. PSF users cannot be detected by sight, and any attempts to detect a user by other means, such as scent, motion, or sound, make their skill checks at a difficulty of Formidable (5x difficulty).

Any threat or despair generated while using a personal stealth field may be used by the Game Master to indicate that the field flickers for a moment, or collapses altogether rendering the user visible.

Models Include: Numerous variants.

Personal Stealth Field

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