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Item Price Enc Rarity
Prosthetic Replacement (Limb) 2000 4
Prosthetic Replacement (Organ) 1000 4

Given the often-violent nature of the galaxy and the dangerous weapons used to settle many disagreements, many losers (and winners) of such conflicts wind up with fewer fingers, arms, or legs than when they started. Others might have internal organs destroyed, or suffer from ruined eyes. While cloning technology and flesh regenerators can be used to repair such losses, few use this option, as it is expensive and often highly illegal. Instead, many opt for mechanical replacements.

For those seeking quality, unobtrusive replacements for lost limbs, prosthetic replacements are among the more popular options. These cybernetics are designed to provide functionality identical to that of the original limb or organ, and are installed with a synthflesh covering, making them almost indistinguishable from the organic component they replace.

Limbs and major organs (including sensory organs such as eyes and ears, as well as vital organs such as heart, lungs, livers, and more) can all be replaced with prosthetic replacements. They do not provide any bonuses or enhancements to the character, instead restoring him to normality. There are two general cost entries for prosthetic replacements; the first is for limbs, the second for organs. However, the GM should feel free to increase or decrease the costs depending on the specific circumstances.

Models Include: BioTech Industries Repli-Limb Prosthetic Replacements.


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