Restraining Bolt

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Item Price Enc Rarity
Restraining Bolt 35 0 0

Restraining bolts are to droids what binders are to sentient creatures. Using magnetic clamps or chemical adhesives, restraining bolts attach to a droid’s chassis and are used to restrict its actions, usually by means of a remote control. The most basic restraining bolts simply shut down a droid, allowing the user to bypass droid guards and incapacitate any droid witnesses. More advanced systems can be used to make a droid perform any action commanded by the person holding the restraining bolt controller.

Most droids cannot withstand the powerful programming overrides in a restraining bolt. However, Player Characters who are droids are made of sterner stuff than their NPC comrades, and can, with the right amount of effort, overcome a restraining bolt. PC droids may make a Daunting (4x difficulty) *Discipline check to shake off the effects of a restraining bolt and act normally after one is applied. If the check fails, they may make another attempt at a later time, at the Game Master’s discretion.

Models Include: Industrial Automaton Master Control Restraining Bolt.

Restraining Bolt

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