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Item Price Enc Rarity
Spacesuit 100 4 1

Spacesuits are sealed, often lightly-armored environmental suits worn to protect sentients from the temperatures, extreme radiation, and vacuum of deep space. Typically tailored to specific species, they contain on-board life support systems as well as bio monitors that keep track of the wearer’s physical state. Spacesuits have limited consumables, as they are designed for short operations, and typically have enough water and atmospheric gas on board for two or three hours of constant operation. Many variants also include a number of small, multi-directional maneuvering thrusters, built-in spotlights, comlinks, magboots, power couplings for hand tools, and any number of other handy accessories. Every spacesuit sold comes with an emergency repair kit that allows for quick fixes of tears, leaks, and bad gasket seals.

Models Include: TaggeCo Standard X.


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