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Synthskin / Synthflesh

Item Price Enc Rarity
Synthskin / Synthflesh 10 1

Synthskin and synthflesh are two versions of a synthetic, skin-like covering used in medicine and the production of cybernetic limbs. Sold as small patches, full sheets, or a thick gel, these products are used to heal abrasions, cuts, and other minor wounds, as well as for skin grafts and cosmetic surgeries. Synthskin is the more common type, and is used more often in emergency medical or surgical applications; synthflesh is typically used to cover mechanical items, such as cybernetic limbs or even whole droids, to disguise their artificial nature. Both varieties are produced by the major medical technology and pharmaceutical companies in the galaxy (although BioTech is by far the leader in the field) and both are designed to integrate seamlessly with the integumentary systems of nearly every sentient species in the galaxy.

Models Include: BioTech FastFlesh Synthskin Slap Patch.


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